Obviously there are problems with the Galaxy Nexus, namely battery and random restarts etc etc. I have Unlimited atm but don't live in an area that has 4G LTE, I was using a dock to get it but that died so I'm back to 1 bar 3G and using barely any data unless I go out. That's another problem, I am disabled, can't drive, and whenever I do go out it's to see the doctor or randomly see a movie. I'm forced to live at my parents house that has ATT coverage but I refuse to goto ATT.

Now my mother came and talked to me about Verizon Edge cause she saw a commercial on it, I honestly haven't been paying much attention to what Big Red has been doing so I looked it up. Fast phone upgrades that you just pay through your plan which is fine with me, means I can get something now and a Nexus 5 when it comes out. Problem, they force you out of Unlimited, which I am on the extreme fence about even if I don't use much data. But 6Gb for 1 cent more is enticing when I don't use much data anymore, and for just 20 more I can get 8Gb with tethering even though I do that without tethering plan as is.

What is everyone's thoughts on this
  1. Should I just say screw it now and go with Verizon Edge seeing as I dunno when/if I or we will ever move to an area where I have Verizon 4G.
  2. Should I make the *shudder* switch to ATT, and get a lower data plan and worse phones with worse coverage.
  3. Or should I not do either, stick it out with my GNex, even when I don't have the money to buy a new phone straight up.

I'm honestly at a loss for what to do but I'm afraid this limited deal they have with the data plans is going to go, and then somewhere down the road they will find a way to force me out of Unlimited and I will have to pay up more for 6Gb+. Even romming my phone and using a very nice kernel, the phone just goes down so fast. Even with the screen off and 3G it can barely last a day, and now it's starting to randomly restart and apps are crashing for no reason.