Hey all,
I have had my Verizon Galaxy Nexus for almost two years. Just yesterday I found that the app for my phone (for when I actually make phone calls, go figure) is not working properly. If I receive a call, it stays on the "Answer" section where you drag the icon right to answer, left to hang up, or up to text message. Even after I answer the call it never changes to the option screen to activate speakerphone, open the on screen dial pad (luckily I have not had to call any automated systems yet), and so on. What is ever weirder is if I call someone else, it goes to the same answer screen even though it is an outgoing call. None of the options work either, I can not hang up a call unless I hit the home key and hang up the call from the notification bar.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I could not find a posting for the issue.

My phone is a stock VZW Galaxy Nexus, rooted and unlocked, but no ROMs. I would rather not wipe the phone if I can avoid it if their is a simpler solution.

Thank you for any help.