OK coming to an end of 6 days on the Note II. When I use the unit at home, it seems normal to me, but when I pull it out of my pocked on the street it seems huge. Funny how it takes a while to get used to the size.

Speaking of size, today I used the phone with one had. I had to check SMS. Didn't reply of course, but was able to unlock, open and read with one hand. I was carrying stuff with the other hand. It's doable and I am sure with practice it will become easier.

I love the pure Android ICS/JB SMS template with contact picture quotations on my former Gnex and really dislike the cartoonish bubbles in the Touchwiz version of Note II.

This is a generic image of the ICS stock SMS template: How do I get this template back? Without rooting or causing other issues.

This is the bubbles without the contact pics, which is the current Touchwiz standard that I dislike (also from the web):