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    Default Re: adding words to dictionary? how?

    Hi, this still did not work for me, the box was actually already checked. However, I did find a solution in another forum that I thought I would share.

    April 29, 2013 at 6:48 pm
    Ok I believe Im a step closer to solving this adding to the dictionary issue.
    This is how Im getting around it
    Firstly my keyboard is set to portrait type 34
    Predictive text on with continuous input. Now to add a word turn OFF predictive text.
    Now type your word manually and when your done, and with the cursor flashing directly next to the end of your word, go back into settings and turn predictive text back ON.
    Now when you back out of setting you should see your word in the suggestion list above the keypad. Tap your new word and you should find it added to your dictionary.
    This method also works for email addresses.
    Just to be clear this is for use on Android 4.1.2 my device for all concerned is Samsung GS2.

    Make sure you tap the new word in the suggestion list otherwise it won't be added. Still a bit cumbersome I know but at least now I can get new words into my predictive text.
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    Default Re: adding words to dictionary? how?

    The predictive text function on the latest firmware update (Automatically came in, last week of December 2013), for Note II - is a huge disappointment over what was already in the phone. It will not learn my most commonly used words effectively any longer. (i.e. - Wife''''s name, kids name, address (geographical) locations)...
    It forgets them (no longer includes them in predictive text) immediately. Can use again in the same message - but after that the user must type all of the words completely again and force the phone to accept them. I've clicked the appropriate boxes to "learn" words and styles.

    Hoping they 'downgrade' to the old predictive text. It worked - it was smooth - it was a pleasure to use. This 'upgrade' is extremely disappointing and wastes so much time in Swyping messages.
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