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    Default Unique and fun smartphone mounts

    I guarantee there are at least a couple here you haven't seen before. Cool stuff, make sure to check out the video slideshow as well.

    The roundup article is here

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    Default Re: Unique and fun smartphone mounts

    Thanks for the link!

    I like the exogear model. Just curious how tight the spring clamp holds.
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    Default Re: Unique and fun smartphone mounts

    tight enough to hold the phone, but you'll want it tighter. Even though I didn't see a problem, I was always slightly afraid in the car. Anywhere around the house though, you're solid. It also has rubber grips on the "fingers" of the clamp for a little more hold. The suction cup itself is awesome though. If you're worried about the grip though, and you still want the polyerethane "sticky pad" suction cup Arkon makes a decent version and they have their dual T mount which allows you to switch out any cradle you want. Here's another roundup I did with Arkon's sticky pad suction cup model.
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    Default Re: Unique and fun smartphone mounts

    I have the mountek cd player holder and it works really good as long as your cd player sits a few inches above your display or if you don't need to see the display. It does hold the phone very tightly which is a plus.
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    Default Re: Unique and fun smartphone mounts

    I always just set the volume and aux on and then mount the phone after. I don't need to see the display while I use the mount as it won't display any info through aux.

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