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    Default On my Verizon Galaxy Note 2, T-Mobile prepaid cards works fine, but AT&T prepaid card does not?

    I don't think I can get more confused about my Verizon Galaxy Note 2's ability to use GSM SIM cards on other carriers.
    Not too long ago, I was NOT able to use ANY prepaid cards from GSM carriers in Europe while over there.

    This morning, I picked up a couple of prepaid GSM SIM cards. One from the local AT&T store and one ordered from
    T-Mobile's website(during their $0.00 sale).

    First, I plugged the AT&T prepaid in to my Note 2. This card had already been activated on a prepaid AT&T GoPhone
    and works fine in my other plain vanilla unlocked GSM phones. It does NOT work in my Note 2. It just kept giving me
    the non-Verizon GSM card error message.

    Next, I tried the T-Mobile card. It was activated in an unlocked GSM phone and worked fine for incoming/outgoing
    calls, as well as data. (put it on a 3-dollar-per-day plan) My Verizon Note 2 worked fine. Voice calls only. Data
    wouldn't connect.

    Seeing the T-Mobile card worked fine, I took it out and plugged the AT&T card back in. Still nothing... just the
    non-Veriozn error message again as soon as I turned the phone on.

    Can anyone tell me what's going on here?


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