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    Default Signal problems

    I was thinking about getting the S3 but after reading about several people having issues with signal quality (dropped calls, etc...) and experiencing the problem, my sister has the phone. I am a little leery about getting it. My sister has the phone and when she his at home and I am talking to her, the calls drop constantly and she ends up having to call me from another phone (Verizon also) and we have no problems. I was debating between the S3 and the Note II but now I am thinking I do not want the S3 and was wondering if the Note II has this problem also. Several people have said that Samsung has the worse signal quality. I hate to get another Motorola....
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    Default Re: Signal problems

    Samsung has vastly improved their radios, especially in the Note 2. I've had no problem with signal reception on mine. It's actually better than my old Thunderbolt, even in a few known dead zones on my way to work. I've yet to drop a call and data has been very solid.
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    Default Re: Signal problems

    I had the GS3 then a Razr Maxx HD, note a Note2. The N2 is on par with the Moto, maybe even a little better. I don't drop calls where I did with the GS3. Radios are much improved.

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    Default Re: Signal problems

    I've yet to drop a call on mine(Verizon). Had it since early November I believe

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    Default Re: Signal problems

    Note 2 reception is excellent

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    Default Re: Signal problems

    I have both the GS3 and the Note 2 (both on Verizon), and my experience had been that the Note 2 has better cellular and wifi reception. My Note 2 works at locations where my GS3 won't pick up either a wifi or cellular signal.

    See if you know someone with a Verizon Note 2 in your area; that's probably the best way to confirm its performance.

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    Default Re: Signal problems

    As others said, the note 2 seems better than the gs3, and, seems better than my Razr maxx, imo.

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    Default Re: Signal problems

    I haven't had any dropped calls on my Note2. Its been flawless

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    Default Re: Signal problems

    I had the S3 and I have yet to drop a call with the Note 2 where I did have a few dropped calls with my S3. Both phones seem to have similar numbers for signal strength though.

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    Default Re: Signal problems

    Not to sound like a parrot, but yep no dropped calls since I got the phone yet.
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    Default Re: Signal problems

    I have horrible reception with any phone in my house. All previous phones experienced dropped calls and various reception issues. But the note 2 is much better. I don't know if Verizon improved their coverage in my area but the N2 can get 2 bars of 3g where my iphone 4, D2G, BB Bold, etc. barely got one. Haven't experienced any dropped calls either.

    Still sucks because I haveto stand next to a window lol.

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