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    Default S_PEN Features in 4.3??

    Does anyone know if the S_PEN will function with a wheel like on the Note 3? Any place on the web that covers the changes? Or is it all still just speculation pure guessing at this point?

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    Default Re: S_PEN Features in 4.3??

    Some people with the international leaked version have shown that the pen window is present.
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    Default Re: S_PEN Features in 4.3??

    I'm hoping so as well. Hope we get the new S-Note app, and new Multi-Window features.

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    Default Re: S_PEN Features in 4.3??

    I played with my brother's Note. Unless I missed them s note on the Note 3 doesn't have the templates that are on the Note 2.
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    Default Re: S_PEN Features in 4.3??

    I just want the feature that saves hand written phone numbers to contacts.
    Currently if your on a call and pull out the S Pen a page for a quick s note will pop up and thats great, but if You wrote down a number there is no way to call that note back up if your on the dailer to see the number you just wrote

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