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    Angry trouble with notifications

    I just updated the software three days ago, and ever since my text notification will not go off, it will only vibrate. I have the sound on, and have tried switching from sounds preloaded on the phone to some i had downloaded, and it makes no difference what so ever, if someone could help it would be much appreciated!
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    When you hit the volume key, it will have the system sounds on. Right next to it, there should be a gear icon. Click on it and make sure everything is turned on. The update might have silenced notifications for whatever reason

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    I had to manually go into settings and sound and turn up my volume once before when it got stuck. Did you clear your cache?

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    Ever since the update I've been having notification problems as well. I use K-9 Mail for my work email and both that and my gmail vibrate incessantly whenever I get an email which is about 1 every 2 minutes or so. Its extremely annoying. This never happened before the update and when I go into settings for both emails it says that vibration notifications are already turned off. If anybody has a solution please share!

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