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    Quote Originally Posted by jhaire08 View Post
    Is anyone having the issue that I'm having? If I lock my screen while in landscape, my phone freezes up and only the lock button and home button work. Both buttons will make the screen light up but everything else is just frozen.

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    I think you're describing a known issue. If you're using any other lockscreen option other than stock TW, you need to go into lock screen settings and uncheck ripple effect. I use the AOSP lock screen with the ripple effect off, and no lock ups in landscape. Its documented on the main post for the Beans ROMs at XDA.
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    Ok, so I can confirm that you can swap apn's on beans13. I was able to connect to data on DTAC data in Thailand. I believe it uses edge.

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    For those that are curious, I'm using apn manager pro. I used titanium backup to change it to a system app, the insert option to enter the apn info, and then swap to change between Dtac and Verizon.

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    To follow up from my previous posts, I'm travelling in S. America now (specifically Colombia), and both voice and data work flawlessly with Jelly Beans build 13. Just had to call Verizon and choose a global roaming plan before I left (paid for by my work, fortunately), and turn on global roaming in the settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlibis View Post
    If anyone here on beans wants to switch to aosp I recommend AOKP newest release of 4.2. Its just as fast as pure aosp and it has all the added extras. Plus I got 17 hours of battery life with 3 on screen yesterday.

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    Hey, what ROM are you using these days?

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    Running the latest Beans Rom, very fast and stable. No problems yet
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    Yeah i just flashed it yesterday. Amazing. Really like it. One thing though, do you know how to change the icons on the AOSP lockscreen. I really like that lockscreen but i don't like how I can't change the icon shortcuts. I looked in settings and couldn't find it.

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    Still got much love for my retired S3.. Man do I miss MOAR

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