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    Default Newest paranoid android

    Wanting to try this one but can't quite figure put where the newest for our gs3 is.I've been on a few sites but can't figure out of its for our gs3 or the international one. dosnt really say. I appreciate being saved again.

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    Default Re: Newest paranoid android

    Looking at XDA: Something may have changed last week, but 2.54 (4.1.2) was the last rock solid one made. Another dev produced a 2.56 (4.1.2) build in both regular and Linaro flavors, but there are a few bugs, depending on how/what you use. Some 2.99 (4.2.1) were made, but full of bugs, probably related to the 4.2 JB release and mismatches with the working 4.1 stuff.

    I hope this helps.
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