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    Default Quick question re: SIM on Verizon S3

    Couldn't find an answer searching the forum - perhaps because it's such an elementary question that I'm second-guessing.

    If I'm buying a used Verizon S3, is it as simple as inserting my Verizon SIM to be able to use the device for my own voice/text/data?


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    Default Re: Quick question re: SIM on Verizon S3

    It should be that simple.

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    Default Re: Quick question re: SIM on Verizon S3

    You just need to associate your SIM with the phone. You can do so one of two ways:

    1. Go to a Verizon retail store and they will do it for you

    2. Go onto the myverizon website, login, click on your line when is shows all the phones on your account, and there should be a change device option or something similar. Follow the steps (its fairly straightforward) where it asks you to give them your sim card number and IMEI or ESN of the phone (its located on the back of the phone, written on a white sticker behind where the battery sits) and you should be good when you finish the process
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    Default Re: Quick question re: SIM on Verizon S3

    When I went from the gs3 to the gs4 I just pulled the sim out of the 3 and stuck it in the 4, done.

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