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    Default LiquidSmooth-KitKat-v3.0-NIGHTLY Problems

    Hey guys, my VZW Galaxy S3 is running on LiquidSmooth v3.0 and I have been having a few issues and was wondering if anyone has found solutions.

    Problem 1: The front facing camera is jacked, but only in Snapchat. It distorts things the tall way.
    Problem 2: Whenever I charge it (have tried 3 different chargers) the phone spazzes out. It will lock and unlock in slo-mo.
    Problem 3: The battery is pretty bad. I have always tried to shut everything off and conserve as much as I can, and I don't use it more than I did when I was on v2.8. But when i was on v2.8 I could make it last the whole day with about 15% left. Now I have to charge it at about 4pm. (I'm up at 7am).
    EDIT: Problem 4: Any time I try to connect it to my Mac to sync it with Easy Phone Tunes, it won't show up either in the app, or in my finder. And just now when i was trying to do this, it froze doing what it does in problem 2, then restarts.

    These are all problems that came about with LS v3.0 and I've flashed it twice. Any help, whether it be solutions, or telling me there aren't solutions, is appreciated.

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    Default Re: LiquidSmooth-KitKat-v3.0-NIGHTLY Problems

    Did you do a clean install?
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    Default Re: LiquidSmooth-KitKat-v3.0-NIGHTLY Problems

    As clean as i know how. I wiped dalvik, cache partition, and wipe data/factory reset. Then followed up with installing the rom. And finally selected reboot.
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    Default Re: LiquidSmooth-KitKat-v3.0-NIGHTLY Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Zach Fedt View Post
    I wiped dalvik, cache partition, and wipe data/factory reset.
    If you're changing ROMs it's a good idea to wipe /system as well before you load the new ROM.

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    Default Re: LiquidSmooth-KitKat-v3.0-NIGHTLY Problems

    "Problem 2: Whenever I charge it (have tried 3 different chargers) the phone spazzes out. It will lock and unlock in slo-mo."

    I was having the exact same problem, the way I fixed it was by going into Settings/Status Bar/Battery Icon and changing the "Circle animation speed" from "Slow" to "None." As soon as I changed this setting the "Spazzes" stopped completely. Hope this works for you .


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