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    Thumbs down [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz[OverClock]

    will be the most updated
    Code Name KY Jelly smooth
    Based off of latest vzw ota



    I started this rom to be exactly what i would want when i flashed a ROM. Super Charged Wiz is made not only for speed and smoothness but also to be packed with more features then i can remember (true story). As a student i don't have a lot of free time. Any i have will be centered around my projects.I have 3 other projects besides this one, note 2 rom, sense port , and get the note 2 working with the kitchen.Right now Super Charged Wiz is my main project and will be until a FULLY STABLE version is out. Even when this isn't my main project i will update this with new features as requested.

    Top Features
    AC!D Audio
    Busy box
    Super Su
    ​Int.d Support
    Stock Touch Wiz
    Super Charged
    Build prop tweaks
    Note 2 popup browser

    4 way reboot menu
    Android 4.2 camera
    Over Clock To 2.1ghz!

    Build 3:



    Change Log: Build 3
    xda app
    int boot animation
    Android keyboard working
    KToonz kernel
    more bloat gone
    Samsung Stock keyboard back
    Note 2 gallery working
    More Stuff But For You To Find Out (;

    Apps Built In
    Flash player
    Terminal emu
    Awesome Beats
    Battery Calibration
    Note 2 popup browser
    4.2 Gmail
    AC!D mod(fix)
    Custom Headphone Short Cut
    Wifi tether
    (That i remember )

    Build 3 update 7:
    Fixing a couple bugs then uploading!

    Build Updates:
    Place Holder

    Known Bugs: (12/18)
    Android Keyboard not working (Fixing)

    Thanks to!

    Without these guys this wouldn't have been as good as it is!

    If I Forgot You pm me

    Like this? To help keep me going and add support for more devices why not donate a dollar or 2?!

    Legal Stuff (So you don't blame me)
    This WILL void your warranty
    If your device bricks, I'm not responsible
    Do this at your own risk

    Have a idea?
    Leave it below

    Have a bug ?
    Let me know

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    Default Re: [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz

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    Default Re: [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz

    Just Flashed it. On the next build if you got rid of TouchWiz lockscreen and put stock jellybean lockscreen on I would love you. I tried using Holo but its junk. Thanks.
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    Default Re: [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz

    Sorry, just digging in. Knock the location services icon off the notification bar pretty please.
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    Default Re: [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz

    AOSP lockscreen will be in/maybe build 3/ And thats also planned! Thanks for your input !
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    Default Re: [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz

    Pretty please can you post a video or pictures of your rom?
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    Default Re: [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz[OverClock]

    Isn't battery life going to be horrid on something over clocked that high?

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    Default Re: [ROM][JB][VRBLK3][12/16]Super Charged Wiz[OverClock]

    Actually no,I've ran at the max oc while gaming with no drastic battery drain

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