First of all, thanks to the developers of AOKP for making this terrific ROM.

I installed it 5 days ago, and have had only 1 issue: if I install, and then try to use a flashlight app, it causes the GS3 to reboot.

I tried it with 3 different flashlight apps that I had successfully tested on the GS3 when it was unrooted with the OTA 4.1.1 ROM update; and, with the 4.1.1 rooted stock ROM.

Those apps are

TESLA LED Flashlight:
Flashlight HD LED:

I have already done a factory wipe, cleaned the regular and Dalvik caches and re-installed each app fresh.
Despite this, the flashlight problem persists.

I always make a lot of use of my smartphone flashlight; so, this is a huge inconvenience.
Any suggestions?

Thanks, in advance!
PJ Arts