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    Default newb rooted 4.3 now stuck

    Ok so Im bought my dad an OBD2 sensor for the torque app for christmas and found out that galaxy s3's have bluetooth problems. I tried it out and it wont work. I decided to update to 4.3 to see if that would help. It did not. I read that people got it to work using custom ROMs so I tried to figure that out...

    So Odin always fails for me so I tried casual and that didnt recognize the phone. Then I saw that it might have something to do with 4.3 and knox. So I found a post that helped me root the phone with 4.3 but I failed to give the program sudo priveleges by accident. I downloaded root checker and it says my phone is rooted.

    Then I read that Knox will brick the phone if I try to mess with it.

    Now im scared to do anything with it but christmas is tomorrow and I really want this to work for my dad.

    What should I do? Is there a ROM I can get that will be safe with 4.3? Once I get the ROM, how do I install it? (im a total green horn)

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    Default Re: newb rooted 4.3 now stuck

    Cyanogenmod in the play store is the most widely used ROM that is continuously being updated (nightlies) but also stable (stable) they have become BIG. Your best option at this stage, considering timing is to just do the CyanogenMod updater from the play store. Make sure it is from the cyanogen team. There are a lot of apps that appear to be the right one but they must be something else.

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    Default Re: newb rooted 4.3 now stuck

    Sorry. Just found out about the 4.3 debacle. Sorry my Advise may be incorrect. I've been rooted for two years. I assumed you were rooted and looking for a 4.3 ROM. And I also recall that Cyanogenmod Installer apk may need to be downloaded from their site.

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