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    Default Removing a custom Kernel

    I installed a cusom Kernel (KT747-TW-JB-4.1.2-VZW-11-04-2013) and I'm not getting much out of it other then scrweing things up. (Yeah I know enough to get myself into trouble sort of thing.) Anyway I was wondering if there was a way to remove the kernel and just get back to basic. One other problem I have is that I can no longer access my files via my computer. I plug in the cord, it willl charge, but not allow me to access my files. I've only noticed this since the new kernel was installed.
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    Default Re: Removing a custom Kernel

    You would have to find someone who posted the stock kernel to flash or a stock rooted version of factory OS to flash.

    Last resort would be to revert /flash back to complete factory stock & unroot.

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