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    Default Re: Verizon Billing - over billing for data - heads up!

    Curious...last post on this thread was in Oct. Now being middle of January...any updates? Continued billing issues?

    I have VZW and just upgraded wife and I to the GS3 from basic phones. Any info is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Verizon Billing - over billing for data - heads up!


    My mother's phone is being charged for 11-13 gbs of data overages.

    This is insane, because she doesn't even USE the internet.

    We did a factory reset, replaced the phone, turned off mobile data, AND STILL this continues to happen.

    Finally thought they had a solution when they claimed that because we had lost our phone, and gotten it replaced,

    that they had failed to enter in that the phone had been replaced, that the person who took the old phone was using the data.

    They claimed after they entered our number on to the list the issue should be fixed.


    This is the craziest thing ever. The mobile data usage in settings shows 50 MB's of usage in a month, they are claiming we are using 13 GB's!

    I've been on the phone with them for hours about this issue.

    Sure they credit us back, BUT THEY AREN'T FIXING THE ISSUE!

    Also i have the note 2 not the s3.
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