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    I just received my Galaxy S 3 as a replacement for my Thunderbolt that had the data dropping issues. For some reason I'm not getting any sound. If I plug in some headphones I can get sound through them, but if I remove the headphones there is no sound at all? All of the volume rockers are turned up, but still no sound?? Any others have this issue?

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    Is this a refurbished unit or a brand new one? Have you looked in Settings -> Sound -> Volume? It should look something like this:No volume?-uploadfromtaptalk1350694587298.jpg
    Edit: Try making a phone call and using the Speaker button to force it to use the external speaker. If that doesn't work then you may have a bum unit.

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    It's a refurb unit. I'll try the speaker phone trick. I think it's a bad phone. Sucks because I've already been through two Thunderbolts and now this.

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