I can guess most people's answers, considing this is the Samsung forum, but . . .

Coming from a Thunderbolt, I have an upgrade available. I like AOSP ROMs. GB is a bit long in the tooth, and none of the current ICS ROMs for the Tbolt are stable. I want a ~5" hires multiprocessor phone with AOSP JB.

My options are:
- SGS3 - AOKP & CM10 appear quite stable, maybe even more so after the Sprint JB update gets disassembled
- Wait for HTC DLX - hires screen and quad-core trumps the SGS3, but ROM future is unknown

I was planning to get the SGS3 through Costco. I'm in CA, so tax kills getting it from anywhere else. Plus, I have 90 days to exchange for a new phone, which would be the DLX if the bootloader gets unlocked and good ROMs come out by January.

However, Worst Buy has a sale tomorrow - VZW SGS3 for $100 (+ tax). This would yield ~$50 less than the total Costo price. If the DLX has a good chance at getting a GOOD AOSP JB ROM, I'll swallow that $50 for the chance at a possible upgrade to the DLX.

Previous experience with HTC has been good, but the TBolt has left me disappointed. I need a stable AOSP JB phone for a daily driver.

Any thoughts?