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    Default Touchwiz force closing

    Has anyone else had issues with Touchwiz force closing on them? I've had it happen twice in the past two weeks. (Since I got the phone.) It starts out with the slightest bit of lag switching to the apps menu and then all the icons are black for a split second before looking like they should. When I go back to the home screen, everything becomes unresponsive to touch input and it's frozen. After about 5 seconds, I get an error message saying Touchwiz has stopped unexpectedly and asks to close or wait. Once I close it out, it re-fires back up and runs smooth.

    I'm not rooted, not running any launchers and got the latest update. Just wondering if this is something to expect because I can live with it if I need to for this screen, battery life and speed. I had my old 4S jailbroken and the spring board crashed once a month. I consider small glitches like that and this a cost of doing business.
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    Default Re: Touchwiz force closing

    I had this happen to mine, but mine was more frequent. To the point I wanted to throw my phone against the wall. I did a hard reset and that seemed to help, but decided to just jump ship and use Nova Launcher instead.

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