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    Default Which Jelly Bean Rom?

    I bought my Samsung Galaxy S 3 (Verizon I535) in July and think it's the best phone I have ever had. I like it so much I got rid of my Iphone 4s! lol
    I've been reading all the topics on this forum for several months but this is my first post in this forum.
    Reading all the posts on Jelly Bean has just confused me.
    I Rooted my phone, installed Superuser, Titainium Backup Pro, EX-Unlock etc. I loaded ClockworkMod Recovery on my phone using Odin and I have backed everything up.
    I am finally ready to flash the new Jelly Bean ROM but I am a little confused about which one to use.
    I know there are likley to be some glitches with whatever ROM I flash, but can I get an opinion on which Jelly Bean ROM is the most stable? I would like to flash the new ROM and be done with it, without having to flash small updates and patches. A link to the file would be nice too.
    Thanks for any help,
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    Default Re: Which Jelly Bean Rom?

    I can only speak for myself. I tried a couple of ROMs myself and seem fixated on CM (CyanogenMod) 4.1.2 JB. Currently using 10-20121024-NIGHTLY-d2att on my Telus I747M which oddly enough after flashing has changed to a I747 with no "m". Don't think it is relevant, but interesting none the less. Had to install the CLOCK from another thread as the one in JB did NOT work when it came to sounds for alarms. Would only give me the vibrate, the patched clock works perfectly.

    The thread can be located by searching for "HybridTWClock_SGS3v2.4+Extras.zip" and the nightly builds I found by searching "10-20121024-NIGHTLY-d2att" in google.

    I should also point out that GooManager from Play makes things a LOT easier. It can download the ROM and the GoogleApps and flash both for you at the same time.

    Sorry I have no links for you.
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    Default Re: Which Jelly Bean Rom?

    Quote Originally Posted by bpd138 View Post
    I would like to flash the new ROM and be done with it, without having to flash small updates and patches. A link to the file would be nice too.
    Thanks for any help,
    You never have to flash updates and patches, unless you want to. I have been quite content to wait for every fourth or fifth release to update. It's all a question of how much a certain bug affects you or what new features are must-have.

    I haven't tried the stock based ROMs (too damn big, imo), but as far as AOSP goes Paranoid Android with Lean Kernel and JusTun Bean Inverted Gapps serve me very well and I recommend them to you.
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    Default Re: Which Jelly Bean Rom?

    I guess it depends on whether you want TouchWiz features or not. If you do then I would recommend JellyWiz release 12. I've been running it for 2 days without problems. There are a few small glitches but most have solutions. Also, CleanRom 4 looks good. I had a hard time choosing between the two but (currently) CleanRom seems to have a few issues; nothing major but reading the forums for both roms on xda it just looked like jellywiz was smoother right now.

    If you're not a fan of touchwiz then you have a couple good suggestions from mobilemadness and epidenimus.
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    Default Re: Which Jelly Bean Rom?

    SynergyROM and Clean ROM are both great although I prefer Synergy
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    Default Re: Which Jelly Bean Rom?

    I've been running CleanROM and just got the chance to upgrade to his JB build. I'll report back after a few days if you like but I expect this to be a little rough.
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    Default Re: Which Jelly Bean Rom?

    Thanks for the replies. I bit the bullet the other night and flashed the Synergy Jelly Bean ROM ver r86. I also falshed the RPM adn Radio update from Jelly Bean 4.2. The flashing was painless and went without any problems. After restoring all my apps with Titainium Backup Pro it was jsut matter of putting my icons and widgets back on the screens and tweaking the android settings. So far everything has been working great. The only problem is that the battery is getting sucked down quickly. With that said it lasted me for 12 hours and I was using the phone a lot while I was downloading and setting up all my apps. I have read that this issue will settle down after a few days and battery cycles.

    The guys over at XDA are supposed to be releasing a nightly update in the next day or so with a lot of tweaks and mods included. I'll let you guys know how that goes when I get it. lol

    Once again, thanks for the advice.

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