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    Default Very quiet SG3 microphone, not on calls

    So as the title says, in calls, I have never been told that I can't be heard or the microphone is too quiet. When I use an app like Voxer, record a voice memo through Go SMS Pro, or even just on the stock voice recorder, I can barely be heard. It's not the playback volume, I'm sure of it. It sounds like I'm in a very large room, 20 feet from the phone. I can probably post a link to a recorded test if necessary. Help me out guys!! Thanks.
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    Default Re: Very quiet SG3 microphone, not on calls

    Are you holding the phone the same as you would on a call when recording? I just used the stock Voice Recorder and I could hear myself quite loudly on the playback.

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    Default Re: Very quiet SG3 microphone, not on calls

    Woah! Old thread I forgot about...

    Yes, holding the phone normally. I can even yell at the phone and it's still very faint. It's not a playback issue. When I put these files on a computer they are still very low volume. Video recordings, audio recordings, and any app that uses voice...

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