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    Default Google services waking my s3 and eating my battery

    My battery is draining ridiculously fast- literally like seven tonnes faster than stock and I believe Google now is the culprit.it's constantly checking my location and performing calculations. In gsam, it says that in the past 13 mins- Google services woke up my device 47 times! And GOOGLE MAPS woke her up over 20 times! Google is killing my battery. I love Google NOW, but it needs to stop doing so much stuff in the background.. I had to swap out my battery like 3 times today with light usage compared to my usual whole day of heavy use and one battery... are you in the same boat as me?

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    Default Google services waking my s3 and eating my battery

    No problems here. Switched to a JB ROM a couple of weeks ago and about the same battery life as always.

    Maybe turn off Google Now and see if it helps.
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    Default Re: Google services waking my s3 and eating my battery

    You can go in the battery saver options an say to dissable "background data". I don't have JB yet, but now I am concerned.

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