I am currently inside the local Best Buy store right now. There are three people ahead of me waiting for the mobile dept guys. They are either signing up new contract
or adding new line to existing accounts(like me). All of us are getting the VZW Galaxy S3 because of the $49 sale price today. Probably another 20 minutes of waiting for me, since there's only one guys working mobile dept today. (weird... since they have a big sale on S3)

Anyway, the mobile dept guy left the phone drawers open. There are 40 VZW Galaxy S3 16GB. Only 3 are blue and the rest are white.(!)

I'm looking at them right not and some are made in China and some are made in Korea. (again, this is only on the VZW Galaxy S3 16GB in white)

What's the real difference? Should I pick the Korean ones because Samsung is, well, Korean? Or is there no real difference?