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    Default Settings/ringtone question

    Ok so I have personalized ringtones (downloaded from my own mp3s) for a couple people, as well as a default for anyone else, and I've noticed that every few days, it automatically changes back to the default ringtone. I then change it again, only to have it change on it's own in 2 days. Is there some way to fix this? Has this happened to anyone else? It's so annoying! Also, there is a setting in the recent calls where you can sort to show calls only, messages and calls only and all that. I have it set to show calls only and about once a week, I have to fix it back because it changes and goes back to show all calls and messages. Again, very annoying. Does that make sense?
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    Default Re: Settings/ringtone question

    Something's not saving somewhere clearly. I had a similar issue where the menus I set on the camera weren't saving. took about a week or two of constantly changing them for them to stick.

    I wonder if something is crashing and reverting before it commits. maybe try setting it how you want and rebooting the phone?

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