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    Default Email issues

    Hi there,

    Ever since the JB update, my aol Email doesn't work anymore. (My 3 Gmail accounts work just fine).

    The problem is the password. It has the wrong password stored for that account. Everytime I try to change it, I get an error that says, "503 service unavailable"... and then it keeps the wrong password. This has been happening ever since I upgraded to JB over a month ago... any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!
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    Default Re: Email issues

    I am having the same issue and it is so annoying and no one seems to have a clue why its happening...I dont think verizon is even sure of why that stupid error is coming up...Been searching everywhere to solve this problem!!
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    Default Re: Email issues

    If you can't reset the password then delete the account and then recreate it (make sure you know all the settings before deleting).
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    Default Re: Email issues

    Restarting the phone fixes the issue. I've had the same issue with my Aol accounts, & thought it was Aol specific until it happened with my Gmail. Everything works without entering the password if you restart the phone.

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    Default Re: Email issues

    I have gotten the "503 service unavailable" error every time I try to load the stock email client and use AOL. I then have to choose Others and enter the AOL information manually. However, then the email doesn't push and the smallest interval I can enter for it to check for new email is 15 minutes

    As a result, I can't use the stock email app..which kind of sucks....I am using Aqua Mail, but I have gotten this service unavailable error ever since I got the phone (early January of this year)
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    Default Re: Email issues

    Thanks everyone... I just did a battery pull and it still didn't work and it won't let me delete the account. But then I downloaded Aqua Mail and that seems to be working, thanks!

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