I recently had my S3 replaced due to GPS issues.
I have had the replacement now for about 3 weeks and the GPS is rock solid...woo hoo.
But, I have been getting email and test message alerts (vibrations) while on phone calls.
It is annoying and sometimes scares the crap out of me, not to mention it being really annoying to the person on the other end.

I have talked to Verizon several times and they say that under Phone (go to the phone screen where you have a dial pad)/ push menu / call settings / call alert / Alerts on call should not be checked in order to prevent notifications while on the phone. I am not checked and still get notified of texts and emails while on the phone.
VZW said something is wrong with my phone and are again sending a replacement.

Just for kicks this morning I checked the box.....no more notifications???
Are you checked or unchecked and do you get notifications of tests and emails while on the phone?

Thanks in advance.