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    Default Samsung push service.. Force closing?

    Can anyone tell me what "Samsung Push service" does, and why it keeps force closing? It has been force closing several times a day this last week and for no apparent reason. I have no idea what it does and why it keeps doing that. I'm using stock 4.1 with nova launcher prime.
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    Default Re: Samsung push service.. Force closing?

    I don't know offhand what it does, but judging by the name it's probably a service for some of their other apps (perhaps the media hub, or their store, or something like that). I haven't had any problems with it, but I have most of their bloatware disabled. If you want, you can disable it and see what happens.
    From any Home screen: Menu button -> Manage apps -> All -> Samsung Push Service -> Disable
    Remember that if you want to re-enable it, it'll be at the very bottom of the list.

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    Default Re: Samsung push service.. Force closing?

    Good call. I already have most of the Samsung bloatware apps disabled already. I didn't even think about doing that though. I just wish I knew what it did, that way I at least know what I'm disabling. Either way it's annoying having the ANR notification pop up ten times a day. I'm assuming that since it's an option to disable it that it must not be that crucial.

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