So, I want to get a Samsung Galaxy S3, but my line is currently in the process of a return, and reset for my upgrade eligibility. In the meantime I am without phone (unless I want to re-activate my old phone), so I was looking for a way to use the line upgrade from one of the other lines on my account. At Amazon Wireless they make you keep the ordered phone with the line you order it on for 180 days (or they charge you a separate ETF). I was looking at the Verizon site, but the 16GB S3 is going for $199.99 there. Then I stumbled upon the Samsung Direct site which has the phone for $149.99 plus 15% off through the 15th. Does anyone know if they have a similar policy to Amazon Wireless? That is, could I purchase the phone on one of the other lines (to get the upgrade eligibility), and then just activate it on my line instead?