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    I'm sure this has come up before as it seems to be a common problem. My problem is that when a group of friends (normally only 2-3) start a group message with me via text message, my responses are sent to them individually and not part of the original group thread where everyone else's responses are. I am on the Verizon network and cannot for the life of me get this feature to work as it should. Even when I select the "group conversation" tab when I respond to these messages it still sends my messages to each person on the list individually. Is there an easy fix for this? Or is this something the S3 is still not able to accomplish.
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    Are you using the stock Messaging app? If so, from within the Messaging app did you examine Menu button -> Settings and make sure that 'Group conversations' is checked?

    Does it behave the same for MMS that you initiated vs. ones that someone else initiated?

    Are any of those people using iPhones?

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    Our group uses the Verizon Messaging app. There are 5 of us, 4 Android and 1 iOS user.

    This is the only app that sends group messages like they should be sent. Make sure you check the MMS option.

    Also, don't forget that MMS are sent via mobile data and not wifi or via SMS.

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