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    Default Samsung Galaxy S3 LED Notifications

    I am currently a BB Q10 user and was able to pick up a Samsung G S3 fairly cheap. One of the reasons I chose the S3 was due to the LED notifications which I cherish on my BB. In trying to become familiar with Android I am stumped by a few things...

    1) I see there are a few LED notification options - low battery, charging and general notification. When I tick all 3 and lock my screen - the LED comes on. I have no unread emails or texts. This cant be good for battery life. Is it supposed to do that?

    2) And if 1) is working properly - can anyone recommend a good LED app paid or otherwise?
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    Hi welcome back from berry world.
    It was a trusty is.
    You may want to try light flo from the play store, free version very versatile.

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 LED Notifications

    Quote Originally Posted by mjs416 View Post
    When I tick all 3 and lock my screen - the LED comes on.
    What firmware is on your phone? The 4.3 build (VRUCML1) that is on my Verizon S3 has four selections in the LED settings, and if I check the three that you mentioned I don't see any unusual LED activity. (It also doesn't mis-behave if I select all four.)

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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 LED Notifications

    Do you have it connected via USB when the LED comes on? If so, this is normal, as it shows as charging (red LED), or charged (green LED).

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