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    Default How to print from Verizon Samung Galaxy S3 to HP 4500

    see above I want to print application or page frm phone to hp 4500 wireless .cannot find print icon or word on phone.all connected to same w.less router.
    even had trouble registering w you.

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    Default Re: how to print from verizon samung Galaxy s3 to hp 4500

    Have you tried something like

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    Default Re: How to print from Verizon Samung Galaxy S3 to HP 4500

    3 different ways and it depends on your specific HP model. For apps I use Google Cloud Print, or 2 different HP apps I Google Play. If you have a printer that as allows ePrint the HP app ePrint as Shown in the link on the above post is great. I also have my printer "registered" to a specific email address xyz at hpeprint dot com. Check your printer info on HP website to learn more

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    Default Re: How to print from Verizon Samung Galaxy S3 to HP 4500

    Once you download that app above, printing is simply a matter of clicking on "share" & selecting "hpprint" from the available choices that pop up. The default print that now comes with the phone is only for Samsung printers, which is why you have to install the free app for other brands of printers. Hope this helps..

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