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    Default Phone Randomly Powers Down

    Around the end of November my S3 randomly starting shutting down so Verizon sent me a replacement, stright out of the box the replacement started doing the same thing. I am on my 3rd phone and it is still doing the same thing, I have no apps installed and it continues to power down The only way I can get it to come back on is to connect it to my charger. I've rebooted in safe mode so 3rd party apps were disabled, I've done a factory reboot. Nothing is working

    Verizon is telling me my only options at this point are to use my upgrade and buy a new phone, send my old phone into Samsung for them to try to fix the issue and i could be without a phone for up to 14 days, or I can purchase a new battery and see if that resolves the issue.

    Help please!
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    Default Re: Phone Randomly Powers Down

    Maybe your battery is depleted. You said the only thing you can do to power it on is to plug it in. And as far as I know when they send you a replacement they don't send a new battery.

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    Default Re: Phone Randomly Powers Down

    That is correct Panda, they only send the phone no battery no back plate. My mom has the S3 also I was going to steal her battery for a day or two and see if that really is the issue.


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