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    Default apps not working while connected to WiFi

    hopefully someone can help me with this.. my issue just started today. None of my apps are working while connected to wifi. apps like facebook, instagram, pinterest, and i am even not getting emails. i have taken out the battery, restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled all my apps, deleted all my pictures and music, i have even did a factory reset phone. At first play store wouldnt down load anything unless i had my data on just data no wifi. play store just started to work on just wifi.. i have only downloaded facebook to see if this works.. still wont load. and i just finally started getting emails in.. i know its not my wifi because i can use the internet on my phone no issue at all... anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? or is it just one big long lag?
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    Default Re: apps not working while connected to WiFi

    Welcome to Android Central! What color is the wi-fi connection icon? Is it blue or grey? I assume you're running Jellybean--if it's grey, that means there's no connection to the Google servers, which can either be a problem at the Google end, but can also signify a problem with your connection. Have you tried rebooting your router?
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    Default Re: apps not working while connected to WiFi


    I am actually having the same problem. I have tried rebooting my router, phone, re-installing apps & everything, but they aren't working on the wifi at my work either. It isn't all the apps either - it is mainly facebook, google play, gmail & reddit is fun. I'm using a Galaxy S2 .

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    Default Re: apps not working while connected to WiFi

    Quote Originally Posted by Catteebee View Post
    they aren't working on the wifi at my work either
    Welcome to the forums!

    Just to be clear, nothing that requires an Internet connection is working at home or at work if you're using Wi-Fi?
    And the phone has a valid IP address (look in Settings -> About phone -> Status)?
    When did the problem start?

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    Default Facebook apps not working while connected to WiFi

    My facebook app is not working when it is connected to some wifi connection. I am able to use google play and other apps. My wifi logo is showing grey colour and the signal strength is showing blue colour. How i tried restarting router and phone and also reinstall the apps several times. How can i solve this problem.
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    Default Re: apps not working while connected to WiFi

    If you go to the preinstalled "Internet" browser (icon should be a globe with blue for oceans and white for land), NOT chrome or any other browser, and get the error: "Can't connect to proxy server" then go to your wifi settings and set proxy to none for your network. Hope this helps. This is also my first post, so....


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