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    Default Regarding S3 Micro SD card malfuntions- descriptions of a slow death

    I have seen this before, plenty of notes on here about SD failures. In this case I am talking about a SanDisk 32G microSD.

    My card started unmounting itself today. I would get the message "sd card unmounted" and then it would go away as apparently the car re mounted. This happened throughout the day. I also noticed that the screen was slow to reactivate, and of course access to games and such was spotty. (All the apps and games stored on the SD.) I did manage to catch the sd card when it was accessible, and backed up the pictures and such. The error message eventually became "blank sd card or unsupported file system". I had already done the basics, such as take the card out, restart the phone, and then I tried reformatting the card. This only ended with the same "blank card" message. Once I was home I took the micro SD and connected it to my computer, and was surprised to find files still viewable on the SD. However, once I tried to access the card again on the computer it didn't even show up on my "Devices with Removable Storage" list. It was completely dead. I just put a new card in and the screen reactivates at its normal speed, and everything else seems normal. I put this here in the hopes that someone may recognize a dying card in time to at least back up the files.
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