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    Default Goodbye BlinkFeed!


    That is all.

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    Default Re: Goodbye BlinkFeed!

    Did you get an update recently?

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    Default Re: Goodbye BlinkFeed!

    With kit kat you can turn off blink feed and delete that whole page. Then to reset the page with the weather clock just add a new page and drag the widget back to the screen. Voila looks like stock again.
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    Default Re: Goodbye BlinkFeed!

    With all the really slick launchers out there blink feed has really always been a non issue anyway. I know some folks like stock and its good you have the option now. For anyone whos always been with the stock launcher you should give something else a try. Way more options for home screens and lots more.
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    Default Re: Goodbye BlinkFeed!

    I'm new to Android and love blinkfeed

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    Default Re: Goodbye BlinkFeed!

    It's kind of a love it or hate it thing with ONE owners. Personally I love Blink Feed as I read a lot of news and it's there automatically by a simple swipe of my finger. Other people hate it.

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