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    Default Random Ringtones?

    My phone will randomly play my ringtone and I can't figure out why! I have notifications and alarms set to silent. Sometimes it happens when a notification pops up (I think), and since yesterday's update, it's just been happening randomly, maybe when the wifi notification pops up, not sure as I'm not watching it all the time. Anyone else have this problem that can help?
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    Default Re: Random Ringtones?

    In the sound volumes, there Ringtone (calls), Music/Videos (Youtube and stuff), Alarms (it's only the Alarm Clock wakeup), and Notifications, which is only my Email, not incoming texts. My incoming texts is set somewhere else and sounds different from Email Notifications. Go into the messaging app options to see.
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    Default Re: Random Ringtones?

    Thanks for the input, but I don't think that I explained very well. My ringtone is what I want it to be. But, it just plays at random times for no reason. Yesterday it was playing when nothing was in the notification bar.
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    Default Re: Random Ringtones?

    I haven't had this happen to me however changing the ringtone/sound for different apps and purposes may lead you to the cause. If your email, text, and social apps play the same tone it will be difficult to determine which if any are the cause of this issue. If you set them all to something different and you still get the default tone, that you set in your sound profile, then it will at least rule those apps out and tell you to look elsewhere for the culprit.
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    Default Re: Random Ringtones?

    I had some different alert go off last night for an Amber Alert. I don't even know where to set that one. And it wasn't one of my selected tones either.
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    Default Re: Random Ringtones?

    Yeah should have been the emergency alert and you can't set out change them. I don't think you can unsubscribe to them either. It's like the emergency broadcast system thing.
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