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View Poll Results: How much does your stock battery (or equiv) go down overnight?

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    Default How much battery does your phone use overnight?

    Last night, my phone was at 98% when I went to bed, and when I woke up, it was 93%, so 5% usage overnight. I am using the OEM 2750mah extended battery, so multiplying it by 1.7, i get 8.5% equivalent usage on the stock battery.

    I was just curious because Phil mentioned in one of his reviews that a Thunderbolt left unplugged overnight became an uncharged brick, obviously different phones, but I am just curious about your experiences.
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    Default Re: How much battery does your phone use overnight?

    I know you're looking for responses for those with Rezounds. But, I had to jump in...

    Not sure what Phil was doing with his Thunderbolt, but I average about 5% on mine even with the standard 1400mAh battery! After the Gingerbread update, the Thunderbolt really just sips battery when idle (as long as you don't have a bunch of things frequently syncing which is probably the key on any phone).
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    I tried this the other night too - it had 98% when I went to bed and 92% when I woke up. This is on the stock battery, with Gmail, weather, and friend stream synching every hour. I am running one of the ICS leaks and wanted to compare to GB. It is much better while idle, but sucks juice faster with the screen on.

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