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    Default ICS Turning Off Mobile View

    In GB, you had the option of viewiwebpages in mobile or full view. Now I do notsee that option aymore. Does anyone have the same issue?
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    Default Re: ICS Turning Off Mobile View

    Its there. Somewhere. I'm using an ICS ROM with sense 4.0 and in my browser (stock browser) when I pull up the menu in the browser I show N option that says "enable desktop view". Turn that off and close out of all tabs. See if that does it.
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    Default Re: ICS Turning Off Mobile View

    When in browser, hit menu, view desktop may be checked....

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    Default Re: ICS Turning Off Mobile View

    Yeah you hit menu and check view desktop mode but it will go away when you fully close the browser so if a window or something changes back just repeat and make sure it is checked
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    Default Re: ICS Turning Off Mobile View

    It's there. Personally I hate mobile view. I'd rather wait an extra 20 seconds to load the real page, then look at ESPN's rediculous mobile site.

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