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    Default Can't sync Exchange calendar from server to phone via ActiveSync

    This seems to be a common problem, especially with ICS, but I have yet to find a definitive solution that works for me.

    I just got my new HTC Rezound, Android ICS 4.0.3, and have gone through the basic setup including syncing the phone to my workplace Exchange account. Mail's fine (up and down), contacts are fine (down at least, not sure about up), and events created on my phone are pushed up to the server and then to my office desktop, but events already on the server do not sync down to the phone.

    I found one potential solution; delete all Calendar-based data and then remove and reinstall the Exchange account. Did that, still not working. My last phone was relatively ancient (Sony XPeria X10, Android Eclair), used TouchDown for its mail program, and had a number of problems, but appointment synchronization wasn't one of them. What's the deal?
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    Default Re: Can't sync Exchange calendar from server to phone via ActiveSync

    Update - I got it to work, for me and for now at least, by finding each meeting or recurring series that hadn't synced, opening it in Outlook, and forwarding the invite to myself, then opening it on my phone and accepting. I also eventually got some appointments on my phone that I had set up on the desktop. I don't know if synchronization will work for future meeting invites that I accept on my desktop, but at least I have my upcoming schedule as of right now.

    Fortunately my schedule is on the lighter side and mostly recurring meetings, but if a person's schedule is full of one-offs this method would be extremely tiresome, so if there is a solution that doesn't require re-accepting every meeting you have for the foreseeable future I'm sure it'll help others.

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