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    Unhappy Battery and screen problems

    I got my htc rezound from a friend because he upgraded to the DNA
    And when I first started using it, it only lasted a hour of use and an hour and a half without using it
    I searched YouTube for help and I started deleting or force stoping apps and now

    when I turn it on I have to scroll the notification center down tap on an app , then a pop up says unables to proceed Because com.htc.dg
    And the battery lasts 2 hours now of mild use and I need help bad
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    Default Re: Battery and screen problems

    I would do a factory reset and go from there. That way you'll have a clean slate and can determine if you possibly have a bad battery or not.

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    Default Re: Battery and screen problems

    I agree with T-REX,then if u find out its the battery,I recommend buying the extended.

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    Default Re: Battery and screen problems

    Whenever there is a big issue factory reset is the first step

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    Default Re: Battery and screen problems

    I agree as well, factory reset then install GSam Battery Monitor, so you can see where the battery is going. If that doesn't seem to make things better, consider a new battery. Note that the Rezound is not really known for battery life, about 2-2.5 hours of screen on time is typical of standard battery.
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