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    Default Verizon Mobile Hotspot Stopped Working

    My company pays for the Verizon hotspot feature in my Rezound. A few days ago I rooted the phone and flashed the ICS 4.03.605.2 Global RUU and then flashed the Business_ICS4.0.3_Sense3.6-v6.4 ROM. Everything seems to work great except that my paid mobile hotspot has stopped working. The Business_ICS4.0.3_Sense3.6-v6.4 ROM included a wifi tether feature that does the same thing for free and it works fine, but I need the hotspot for work at client sites and am concerned that Verizon may disable the free version just when I'm about to use it for work. I tried clearing the cache and that didn't help.

    Does anyone know how to get the paid version functioning again? If I don't get the answer here I'll "man up" and call Verizon.

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    Default Re: Verizon Mobile Hotspot Stopped Working

    Maybe it's better to ask at the XDA forum for that ROM.

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    Default Re: Verizon Mobile Hotspot Stopped Working

    Thanks - Already did!
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    Default Re: Verizon Mobile Hotspot Stopped Working

    Anybody has been having problems with the hotspot lately? In the last couple of weeks, my laptop goes offline in the first five minutes and doesn't reconnect.

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