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    Question Web page problems

    I have a problem when typing in web pages.

    Sometimes when I type on a webpage the page will go black except for less than 1/4" at the top.

    When typing on certain web pages if I go to delete text it will delete text in a different part of the text than where the cursor is.

    Also sometimes the auto spell will appear over the top row of the keyboard.

    Any ides how to fix?
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    Default Re: Web page problems

    Which browser?

    When was the last time you rebooted the phone?

    Have you cleared app cache, yet?

    If that doesn't help and if it's a 3rd party browser, maybe uninstall then re-install.

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    Default Re: Web page problems

    Last time rebooting was a day or so ago. I use the default browser the phone came with.

    Seemed like it did it when I first got the phone as well so I doubt it is the app cache.

    Seems like with each Android update it gets buggier regarding typing in web pages.
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    Default Re: Web page problems

    Have the same issue with other browsers? Try Chrome or some other browser.

    Chrome Beta had issues when I tried it; so, I wouldn't use it as a daily driver.

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    Default Re: Web page problems

    I'll have to try another browser, but don't know why that has gotten buggier and buggier with each Android os update.

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