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    Default Carbon Backup .... Anyone using it?

    Was wondering if anyone is using Carbon Back-up ...

    I am not rooted and I'm having issues getting Carbon to work...

    I have the app on the phone and HTC Sync... Just keep getting and error!


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    Default Re: Carbon Backup .... Anyone using it?

    I tried it, but unfortunately it doesn't back up system settings like wifi networks and passwords you've already connected to. I am rooted and titanium works well enough for me.

    Have you downloaded the computer requirement? It won't run properly until it has connected with the carbon program on your computer.
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    Default Re: Carbon Backup .... Anyone using it?

    I used it the other day to back up a couple apps from my nexus 7 before I did a factory reset, worked flawlessly.

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    Default Re: Carbon Backup .... Anyone using it?

    Works fine on my Nexus 7 also....

    I have installed the desk-top app and HTC Sync as required....

    apparently, there is method to get the phone to uploaded properly.

    With the nexus 7, I attach to the computer and lauch both the Nexus app and also the desk-top app... Once it see's the nexus, it then tells me to disconnect the Nexus and all is good to send to the cloud.

    I don't get thet with the Rezound... It never tells me to disconnect... It just tries to send and I get an error.

    Anyone get it working correctly? Am I not doing something I should?

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    Default Re: Carbon Backup .... Anyone using it?

    Just installed and after some hassle with android drivers, got it working. Tried backup to USB, which I assume means the PC to which Nexus is connected. I have no idea where the backup is stored on the PC, or how to access any of the cloud sites. Can anu one advise, please?

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