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    Default Rezound wont come to life now????

    HELP! I went to bed last night and this morning the phone wont turn on. I plugged it in when I went to bed and when I woke up it wouldnt wake up. All I get is a flashing orange warning light. Maybe it tried to update while I was asleep or something? Any help would be appreciated. I also tried to hold the power button down to turn on or off but no reaction.

    OK, I just got it to turn on. I think it was the battery. Ive been seeing where if the charger or cord gets moved (especially if charging in the car) the charge light goes off. I think my charging port is going because as I held it the light went on and off. I think the blinking was it connecting or disconnecting or a low battery warning message. Cant tell because Im not home and the only copy I have of the manual was on the stupid phone and of course its no longer available on the HTC site. WTF, Ive only had this phone 4 months and its already toasting? No more of this HTC crap for me.Thunderbolt and Rezound are leaving a bad taste in my pocket. Im glad the HTC One is not on Verizon this way no matter how much it tempts me I cant get it!!!
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    Default Re: Rezound wont come to life now????

    Yeah, I had a white screen boot loop issue a while ago and the battery drained and I didn't realize it. Thought the phone totally crapped out on me, but switched batteries and it was fixed. When the battery gets that low it refused to charge in the phone for some reason. Got the same blinking orange light. Charged the battery in the external charger and all is fine.

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