My rezound is stock with swiftkey and this sites app downloaded being exceptions. I have the two games and all facebook garbage disabled only but just recently started experiencing a flutter in the screen especially in the app store. Every few seconds the screen flinches or twitches very fast but isnt really causing issues aside from the annoyance of it really but its a new thing that seems to have started after a factory reset and disabling facebooks many apps. Is the phone just going or is anyone else having this glitch? I cant get a good signal on the newer phones (HTC ONE, SSGS4 etc) both data and phone. I have tried a couple of each from verizon and this rezound has always been reliable with both 4g and always had at least 3 bars. The other two for what ever the reason drop 4g to 1x everywhere I went and were dropping calls constantly. Both verizon as well though. I am due for the upgrade but I cant find a phone with the same ability to keep signal like the rezound always had so I am stumped now. There is the Incredible 4g but not sure if it would have issues as well. Verizon, although I brought screen shots in to show of the dropping signals claimed it was impossible so help from them is useless. I dont want or need whats on most current phones so if this one dies out I am not sure what the options are as far as using my upgrade. Any advice and info if the glitch is just mine would be great