Hello. I've been re-doing my phone since late last night and have restored cw backups. The problem i'm having is when I restore I lose my data connection (Wifi, 3G, 4G) and it says no service. When I go to batch restore my apps using titanium backup it happens at random and phone freeze up. I've factory restored at least 10 times over this period of time since last night. I'm rooted on stock gingerbread rom. Usually I can restore this device with no problem as ive done it tons of times with little hassle but this time I'm stuck. Any ideas? Also to note I can't return to fully stock 2.3.4 or upgrade my phone because I messed it up over a year ago and deleted system files out of it so no OTA for me. I did restore from a stock GB ROM some time ago but files were still missing so i've never update my phone or radios to OTA ICS. I'm working off a Macbook Pro and wish I could advance from gingerbread but theres very little support for mac. Thanks for all the help!