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    Default Cant download HTC widgets.

    I recently did a factory reset and now when I try to download the HTC battery widget, it gives me the error "Unable to download Widgets. Tap to Try again." For fun I asked my girlfriend to try it on her DINC2 and it wouldn't connect either. I cant find anything resolve on the net. Can you guys try it and see what happens? Curious if its on HTCs end or what.
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    I've had that problem since I flashed that darn leak. That was a couple of days ago, a friend activated an EVO and he has the same problem. It seems to be HTC.
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    If you are running the leaked GB, HTC widgets cannot be downloaded because the ROM is not official.

    If you are not running the leaked ROM, contact HTC.

    Unless if course there is an issue with HTC and Sense 2.1, which is on both the leaked GB ROM for the Thunderbolt and the official GB for the Incredible 2...
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    Default Re: Cant download HTC widgets.

    Both my gf and I have stock phones. Must be on HTCs end

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