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    Default Cool, so my ear speaker died out of nowhere

    Awesome. No problems with it prior. Now I've got to unroot and get this thing back to stock to take back to verizon.

    Anyone have something similar happen? This really sucks as I've had ZERO problems with this phone up until this point. Now it's time to get a refurb with a bunch of new problems I'm sure.
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    Default Re: Cool, so my ear speaker died out of nowhere

    I had the exact same problem but it was when i was still unrooted. So yeah u will have to make a warranty replacement for it. I recently unrooted my tbolt and was super easy, because I also had to return a 2nd tbolt that was rooted, but I had originally rooted with adb, this was all before revolutionary, and the only thing to do is follow the unrooting method from the forums. Sorry but u will have to unroot put the phone back to stock and send it back, shouldn't take more than 45 mins to unroot.
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    Yeah. It came back on and appears to be fine but I don't have much faith in it. I'll prep for unroot and do it when it craps out again

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